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It’s Not You, It’s Me
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Writer/Director – Nathan Ives

INYIM: Nathan Ives

I wanted to tell this particular story, in this way, because I feel like in film there is a very limited view of what romance should be like. Relationships are complex, delicate and challenging to maintain, it’s hard to stay true to yourself while still giving to someone else; I wanted to show that side. I felt people should have the chance to hear what that sounds like in this type of story.

In the beginning, when the story was in the first draft and I met Marie Rose, my producer and creative development partner, she encouraged me to embrace my unique voice. Dave and Carrie’s story is universal, it’s something that people can relate to but I didn’t want to do that in the typical way. We all have inner voices, it just depends on what you call them and, of course, how much you listen to them – the voice of reason, your inner child, inner monologue, gut instinct, intuition. This is how we all make decisions in life, but normally no one has access to that conversation when it’s going on in your head.

I love writing and directing, it allows me to escape and I am very lucky to have a great team that lets me focus 100% on the film. When it was time to go into production, I brought my long time friend, Mark Heidelberger, on board as unit production manager and producer; he made sure we had all of our ducks in a row which resulted in an incredibly smooth shoot. Director of Photography Ken Stipe is amazing; he created such a cool look for the scenes and collaborated with our production designer, Mercedes Younger, in a way that brought my words right off the page.

We were also very fortunate to work with a great casting agency, Dream Big Casting, and the script was incredibly well received by very talented actors. Ross McCall made Dave such a likeable character. He really gave him the depth that was needed to show a strong character arc and Joelle Carter, man the camera loves her, she breathed life into Carrie, giving that character the strength she needed for a female audience to get behind her. Vivica A. Fox, Beth Littleford, Erick Avari, Maggie Wheeler and the rest of our cast each brought something special to their character, something that I hadn’t thought of. I love collaborating with actors; they often give you a twist that you didn’t see because as a writer and director you’re just too close to it.

This film was a challenge to undertake but, we had a talented, experienced crew and without them we wouldn’t have ever been able to get this project done on time or as smoothly as we did. They worked some ridiculously long days, really extending themselves for the love of the project, the material, and that I will be eternally grateful for.