Welcome to Mule Films

Stubbornly dedicated to creating meaningful films with humor and heart.

There are two ideas that Mule Films believes in, romantic comedies do not exist in the real world and life is inherently funny. Mule Films was created under the direction of writer and director Nathan Ives to focus on creating character driven feature films with a uniquely humorous look at interpersonal connections as they exist in real life. With a stubborn disposition and a zany sense of humor, Mule Films creates relationship comedies that have a distinctive point of view which makes for relatable, poignant films.

To date, Mule Films has independently produced and sold various scripts and films both domestically and abroad including: “Dish Dogs” (co-writer), “Man Overboard” (writer), “The Unnatural” (co-writer) and “It’s Not You, It’s Me” (writer/director/producer).